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I am a Geordie and proud of it.
Born in Gateshead to Alexander and Kathleen Mossman with a sister Marjorie born 4 years later
Enrolled at Lady Vernon C of E Infant School where (so I am told) I was a precious infant demanding to be moved to a higher class as and when I fancied.
Moved to Shipcote School where I stayed until the dreaded 11+ which I was fortunated enough to pass and progressed to Gateshead Grammar School.
Here, as is often the case I believe, I became a rather shy and reserved pupil. I can remember five friends with whom I became rather close: Muriel Harrison, Ruth Thompson, Joan Faulkner, Rita Toward and Yetta Rothfield.
I had little spare time as, from the age of 7 I had become involved in music. My ambition at this time was to have a large brass plate on my front door:

Miss Marion Mossman A,B,C,D,F,G,H
Teacher of Music

I never got it. I played for assemblies, musicals and anything else that required musical participation.
Aged about 14 I began to receive organ lessons from Mr Perch Evans who had been, among other things, a church organist as well as accompanying silent films in the cinema.
He was a wonderful musician who passed on a great deal of his knowledge and appreciation of music and particularly the organ to me.
Having passed all the required exams at Grammar School I entered what was to become my life-long career as a teacher. I returned to Shipcote School, this time as a Student Teacher. I was 17 and on my first morning I was met at the to of 144 steps by the head teacher Miss Burns who  handed me a bible and told me that as they were short staffed I was to take over the "top class" of 50 14-year old girls. I survived and spent a very happy year there.
I became a student at St. Katherine's College, Liverpool which, fortunately for me, was at that time based in Keswick. I was even luckier than a grea many of the students as I was  housed in Fawe Park just outside Portinscale in a magnificent old manour house.
I had entered College as an Organ Scholar so was able to continue with my music.
Many of my fellow students had boy friends, brothers and relatives serving in the forces and it became my pleasure to give a short recital every evening where I played Chopin, Beethoven and may others for my companions to lessen their stess.
Good times in Keswick had to come to an end and I returned to Gateshead again to Shipcote School but this time as a qualified teacher. During the following four years I achieved my ambition and gained qualifications as I.R.A.M.: ARCM: FRCO.
During this time I moved to Whitley Bay where I met and married another teacher Reg Appleton but continued to teach at Ralph Gardner School in North Shields.
Our daughter Lesley Marion was born and I moved from teaching in North Shields to teaching in Wallsend under Miss Betty Dowson. I worked with her as Deputy Head and then became Head Teacher on her retirement.
Meanwhile I became a grandmother and great grandmother. Unfortunately my husband died and I was left alone in retirement. Teaching became my salvation and I returned to it on a voluntary basis.
Then came the founding of Whitley Bay U3A in 1994. In this I became very involved, becoming Chairman for nine years. I was elected Honarary President for the year 2007-2008. There too I met many like minded people and particurly Frank

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