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List of publications and papers

R and D of machine tool structures  | Engineering News, January 21st 1965
Problems and prospects - technical security  | Machine Design Engineering, 20th January 1965
Some notes on the use of Perspex models for the investigation of machine tool structures  | Pergammon Press,1966
Hydrostatic journal bearings: the universal journal bearing (joint author)  | The Engineer 31st March 1967
Th design of hydrostatic journal bearings  | Advances in Machine Tool Design and Research, 1967, Proceedings of the 8thInternational Machine Tool Design and Research Conference, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Techonology, Pergammon Press, Septembe 1968
CAD packages for structures, bearings and gears  | New Technology, No. 35, pp 4-5, Ministry of Technology, December 1969
Computers help to provide better machine tools  | Machinery, Vol. 117, No. 3018, pp 474-478, 16th Sepetember 1970
Book: Hydrostatic bearings  | The Machinery Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1970
Computer programs to aid designers (joint author)  | Proceedings of the 11th International Machine Tool Design and Research Conference, Birmingham, September 1970 Pergammon Press, 1971
Computer programs for designers (joint author)  | Engineering, Vol. 209, No. 5411, pp 66-67, 16th January 1970
The design of machiune tool foundations (joint author)  | Proceedings of the 11th International Machine Tool Design and Research Conference, Birmingham, September 1970 Pergammon Press 1971
CAD packages for structures, bearings, gears and mechanisms  | Conference on Design for productivity, Birniehill Institute, April 1970
Programming the solution of algebraic design equations for multiple alternative sets of data (joint author)  | International Conference on CAD, Institution of Electrical Engineers, University of Southampton, April 1972
Interactive graphics requires user-oriented software  | Elliott Computer Users' Group Conventions, Sheffield University, April 1972
The role of computers in machine tool design  | The 14th International Machine Tool Design and Research Conference, Manchester, September 1973, Macmillan, 1974
Slides: selection and design (Slideways for machine tools)  | Tribology Handbook, Butterworths, 1973
Rubber and foam plastic models for use in the design of machine tool structures  | Institute of Patentees and Inventors, London, September 1974, published in The Inventor, December 1974
Sole author of four "Notes for Designers" and one "Research Report", and joint author of nine "Notes for Designers" and two "Research Reports", these being publications of The Machine Tool Research Association for its member companies.
Booklet: MODELS, F M Stansfield, Engineeting Design Guide No. 16  | Published by the Council of Entineering Institutions.

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