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Born in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, 1925 to my mother Ethel and father Albert Vernon Stansfield (known as Vernon)
Moved to Stainland, Yorkshire when about 2 years old where my father was Office Manager and Accountant at a textile mill
Attended Primary School in Stainland, then Elland Grammar School with about 300 pupils
My brother Geoff arrived when I was six years old
Awarded a State Bursary to take a Mechanical Engineering course at the Faculty of Technology, Manchester University with a view to joining the forces on graduation
Honours Degree of BSc Tech in Mechanical Engineering, December 1945
Directed into the Navy but this was cancelled two weeks later when the war with Japan ended.
Directed to work as a Test Observer, testing Centaurus and Hercules aero-engines at The Bristol Aeroplane Company February 1946 (Tested the engines for the Brabazon aircraft on one occasion)
Moved to the Mechanical Research Section of D Napier & Son, Acton, February 1948 (Head of Section was Robinson Heath!)
Married Eileen, qualified Language Teacher, April 1950
Moved to the Research Department of Ruston & Hornsby Ltd., Lincoln, September 1952. Became Chief Research Engineer
In Lincoln had two sons, Robert and John (now prefers to be called Alec from his second name Alexander) and a daughter Rosamund
Moved to The Machine Tool Research Association, Macclesfield, June 1962. Became Manager, Engineering Support Services
Lived in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire. Eileen taught languages as a Supply Teacher in a number of local schools.
Retired December 1989
Moved to Whitley Bay to be near our daughter Rosamund June 1997
My wife Eileen died November 1997
Met Marion Appleton, a founder member of Whitley Bay University of the Third Age, about 1999, through becoming a member of the WB U3A
Marion joined me as my partner in my bungalow October 2002
Some time Treasurer and Committee membe of Whitley Bay University of the Third Age.
Assisted in obtaining Charitable status for WB U3A
Accepted as (unofficial) Information Technology member of Committee, designing the WB web site, printing publicity material etc.
Assisted in securing a grant from Awards for All for multimedia equipment

Table of details of Frank's career


Honours Degree of B Sc Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Manchester, December 1945
Chartered Engineer
Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Affiliate of the British Computer Society


The Bristol Aeroplane Company    February 1946 to February 1948
D Napier & Sons Ltd.  February 1948 to August 1952
Ruston & Hornsby Ltd.  September 1952 to June 1962  | Chief Research Engineer on leaving
The Machine Tool Industry Research Association, subsequently renamed The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute,  June 1962 to December 1989,  | Manager, Engineering Support Services on retirement
Retired December 1989
Appointed AMTRI Associate Consultant   January 1990
Retained as Consultant and Senior Designer, The Machine Tool Design Centre, operated jointly by PERA International and AMTRI

Engineering Activites

Research, development and design in aero-engines and diesel engines
   compressor blades
   axial compressor seals
   high speed hydrodynamic bearings for rocket motors
   crankshaft bearings
   machine structures
      epicyclic gear boxes
      cylinder heads
      "cam-push rod-rocker" valve gear
      cylinder heads
      noise of diesel engines
Research, development and design of machine tools
   oil hydrostatic slideways, thrust and journal bearings (externally pressurised bearings)
   aerostatic slideway, thrust and  journal bearings (externally pressurised bearings)
   all machine tool structural components
   machine foundations
   helical coil compression springs
   machine tool spindles
Responsibility for the selection and purchase of the first three computers for MTIRA: an Elliott 903, Elliott 905 & 928 (linked to the CAD Centre's ATLAS in Cambridge) and a PRIME 300
Contract design work and consultancy for clients of MTIRA and, later, AMTRI


writing and applying design procedures (MTIRA Notes for Designers and the Design Manual
design methodology (wrote that section of the MTIRA Design Manual)
writing and applying computer programs for design (Responsible for the MTIRA MachAdes programs)
computer aided  design (Management of Computer Aided Design Centre at MTIRA, funded by DTI: Medusa & Computer Vision CAD systems)
development and application of design procedures for oil hydrostatic bearings (externally pressurised bearings)
use of scale models fo structures for the quantitative and qualitative investigation of the stresses and deflections in engine and machine tool components


Awarded the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal for services to industry in 1977

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